Moving blog from Live Spaces to WordPress

Since I have today moved my blog from Spaces to WordPress, I wanted to publish some notes about that process.

What I have used to export Live Spaces

There is a Python script called Live Spaces Mover and hosted on Google Code. Its author has also personal site  where he writes about using his script and describes a receipt.

I have downloaded Python runtime 2.6.4 (Its not working with 3.0) and Beautiful Soup 3.0.6 into the same directory as Live Spaces Mover script.

Despites authors manual, I have tested script first without setting date and time format on my Live Space to full form ("%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S”), but reading the blog failed.

After setting to full format, everything worked. I started script according the receipt on authors page with following parameters:

python -s -t "%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p"

Script was for a some time reading my blog posts and after Importing XML file that produced into WordPress (in options select WordPress exported type source) I have my posts on this new location.

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